Acne Scars

If you see an indication that acne is leaving or has already left a scar on your skin, there is a solution. There are many different treatments that can heal or fade your scars and prevent new scars from developing.

You really need to work on lightening any dark patches or spots that have resulted from the acne. This can be achieved by applying, skin correcting serums or creams or by taking dedicated supplements (such as Nutrifade) that contain skin lightening ingredients, exfoliators and/or antioxidants.

There are numerous ingredients in the various skin treatments below that can help to lighten and fade your dark spots. Kojic acid, arbutin, pycnogenol, licorice extract and vitamin C are the most effective ingredients to look for in skin lightening creams.

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    Advanced Acne Treatment Cream

    Q-Acne Complex is an advanced Acne treatment and multiactive emulsion dedicated to the treatment of common and hormonal acne. Common acne is caused by the inflammation of a follicle which occurs for various reason, of which the most common is excess...

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