Acne Scars

If you see an indication that acne is leaving or has already left a scar on your skin, there is a solution. There are many different treatments that can heal or fade your scars and prevent new scars from developing.

You really need to work on lightening any dark patches or spots that have resulted from the acne. This can be achieved by applying, skin correcting serums or creams or by taking dedicated supplements (such as Nutrifade) that contain skin lightening ingredients, exfoliators and/or antioxidants.

There are numerous ingredients in the various skin treatments below that can help to lighten and fade your dark spots. Kojic acid, arbutin, pycnogenol, licorice extract and vitamin C are the most effective ingredients to look for in skin lightening creams.

  • Collagen Drink For  Scars, Wrinkles & Damaged skin.

    Collagen Drink For Scars, Wrinkles & Damaged skin.

    Collagen Drink For Fading Scars, Wrinkles and Damaged skin.  Similar to drinks like Skinade but with more active ingredients. Skin RepairX Drinkable Supplement with collagen and silica- 20 Day Supply A premium skincare supplement containing an...

  • Detox Purifying Mask

    Detox Intensive Purifying Mask - 2 Masks Activated charcoal has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Effectively attracts and absorbs impurities from the skin surface such as sebum or calloused skin. Effectively prevents the formation...

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  • SOS Repair Mask

    SOS Repair Mask

    SOS Skin Repairing Mask - 2 masks Aloe extract has a strong soothing and moisturizing effect, effectively accelerating the regeneration of irritated skin. White clay, thanks to the high content of aluminium calms, additionally gently nourishes and has a...

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