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Salicylic Acid Exfoliator - Large Bottle

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Salicylic Acid Exfoliator - Extra Large Bottle120ml

For acne, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.*

With the combined ingredients 2% salicyclic acid and cosmetic alcohol, this product will help:

  • clear acne*
  • fight hyperpigmentation*
  • even out your skin tone*
  • tighten pores,*
  • deep clean,*
  • exfoliate the top layer of skin.*

Salicylic Acid will help treat the following skin conditions*:

  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Acne Scars
  • Dull Skin
  • Razor Bumps
  • Ingrown Hair

Salicylic acid has also been shown to be effective at brightening skin and reversing sun damage.*

Salicylic acid can be combined with a good skin brightening product such as Supaskin Hyperfade Cream to lighten skin and treat hyperpigmentation problems like melasma or sun spots.*

It is also commonly used as an active ingredient in high quality skin  products because of its intense exfoliation properties (part of evening out uneven skin is simply to removing surface level dead skin cells and a salicylic acid cream does just that).*

Supaskin salicylic acid can also improve the appearance of acne, mild scarring, particularly mild acne scarring.*

With continued use your skin will be clearer, smoother and radiant!*

Salicylic Acid, a Beta-Hydroxy Acid, is a highly effective superficial peeling agent and pore cleanser.
It loosens and removes aging cells, oil and debris attached to the skin surface.*

Stimulates new skin cell production and increases collagen formation.*

Includes SDA 40 –This is a high grade purified cosmetic alcohol. Evaporates instantly, so it is used as a vehicle to transport important ingredients to the skin's surface and then leave them there; gentler to the skin than ethyl (rubbing) alcohol.*

Regular use of Salicylic Acid may also result in a decrease in fine lines, a smoother skin, more even pigmentation and a reduction in pore size.*

* results may vary from person to person


Apply a few drops to a cotton square or gauze. Apply all over face and neck while avoiding the eye areas.
Wait 2 minutes before rinsing skin with tepid water. Can be left on the skin without rinsing, once tolerance is built up.
Can be used up to twice daily if skin tolerates and dryness is not a problem.

Purified Water, SDA 40, Propylene Glycol, 2% Salicylic Acid.

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing. This product can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. We strongly recommend applying sunscreen after using this product. 

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  • Fi - Customer testimonial
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* Results may vary from person to person.

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  1. Great solution for me!  star rating

    Posted by Holly on 27th Nov 2016

    This is easily the most effective treatment I've tried for clearing uneven skin and blemishes. Saw a difference to my skin almost immediately. Brilliant stuff!

  2. At last ! A product that really works  star rating

    Posted by Margaret on 17th Jan 2016

    * I have been using this product daily for just one week and I am really pleased with the results. It is clearing the patches of blocked pores and fading the patches of uneven skin tone. I have never recommended a product before as nothing has worked. This does.

  3. Slight Improvement  star rating

    Posted by Nayema on 13th Nov 2015

    * I've been using this product for 4 weeks, twice a week and I have seen slight improvement to the small brown spots I have on my face. I only use it twice a week because that's how many times I would normally use an exfoliater, I may increase the number of time I use it per week.
    It's really drying so use lots of oil/serum/moisturiser after use.

  4. amazing stuff!!  star rating

    Posted by melissa on 19th Oct 2015

    * For months I have randomly developed awful massive spots that are always there and when they do go down there are dark patches/scars where they have been all over my cheeks.was at my wits end trying spot stuff which just inflamed my spots even more so thought I'd try this.
    I have been using this stuff morning and night for 6 days now and I have not had one single new spot appear, my face feels incredibly clean after using this and all of my dark patches/ scarring are now massively improved, you can see the dirt on the cotton pad even after washing your face a few times. Make sure you use a good moisturiser tho as it will dry your skin out and don't put too much on or it can really burn,, I will never be using any thing else it is all of my answers to what I need!

  5. Great for Acne  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2015

    * This product is great if you suffer from acne and oily skin. It only contains 2 ingredients. For me it is important I find a product with less ingredients as I find the more products the more the risk my acne will react to an ingredient and flare up. Please Don't add anything else to this it acts great for acne.

  6. its ok so far  star rating

    Posted by ben on 1st Sep 2015

    * I have been using it for about 3 days and seen a tiny bit of improvement but does anyone just leave it on the there or do you wash it off?

  7. works for me  star rating

    Posted by Debbie McCarthy on 17th Aug 2015

    * My skin has never been better

  8. Skinlight  star rating

    Posted by Lionda Bryant on 4th Aug 2015

    * Been using it for two weeks but no change at all yet. Will keep on using it till the bottle is empty just in case.

  9. Fade dark spots best product  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2015

    * I am so happy i order this product i have been suffering from dark spots on My face for years now.But when i saw this product and i said let me
    Just give a try.In not less than two weeks i started seeing changes and now all My darks spots has gone.love this product so much,Thanks skinlight.co.uk for selling this awesome product

  10. life saver  star rating

    Posted by genna on 9th Jun 2015

    * This product has seriously changed my life! I had the most awful acne on my chin which also made my chin very dis coloured, it ruined my confidence conpleatly! Then I found this stuff! And honestly my chin has cleared up after 2 weeks!

  11. Does what it says  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Apr 2015

    * Only been using this product for a few days and have already seen an improvement

  12. Clear skin  star rating

    Posted by Sam on 6th Jan 2015

    * This product gives you beautiful clear and spotless skin within two weeks. Can sting a bit when you put it on but worth it. You just put two or three drops on a cotton pad and sweep across your face. Its amazing how much dirt and grime comes off even after you've had a shower.

  13. definitely worth a try!  star rating

    Posted by R on 30th Dec 2014

    * and when I pulled into work, I looked in my mirror expecting to see my normal acne-marked, dull skin, and it was clear! My face looked photo ready without makeup. Pimples I had have were reduced in size quickly, and I haven't had any breakouts since. I swipe this across my face quickly at night (if I wore a lot of makeup I use a makeup remover wipe first.) and follow up with Aveeno Night time cream. I wiped it across my face one night when I had no makeup on at all, and it still picked up dirt. It was amazing! I can't express into words how great my skin is now and how much clearer it is. This product is definitely worth a try!

Purified Water, SDA 40, Propylene Glycol, 2% Salicylic Acid.

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