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A Better Way To Remove Unwanted Pigmentation.

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Hi - I am keen to share a very special tip with you today!

A year ago I had some stubborn pigmentation which I would remove, only for it to keep coming back. I soon realised that I was using a product that contained essential rose oil which I was allergic to on my face.

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of my usual cotton wool pads that I use to apply my salicylic acid exfoliator. You may not have heard of this exfoliating gem before but I have to say, it is probably one of the products I cannot live without.

It sounds a little bit scary because it's got the word 'acid' in but don't worry it's perfectly safe and not at all harsh on normal skin. It is the most incredible every day exfoliator - forget your toner just use this instead!

It renews dead skin cells and makes your skin so smooth. It gives a really good base to receive any treatments and skincare products that you're going to put on top.

Anyway, back to my special tip! As I was saying, I ran out of cotton wool pads and I remembered that gauze pads work really well with the Salicylic exfoliator. Some of you might not be familiar with gauze pads but basically, it is bandage material.

Years ago I had a conversation with a top American dermatologist who said to me that this salicylic acid works best with gauze pads. I ran downstairs to my medical box got some bandage material and put a few drops of salicylic exfoliator on it and using upward sweeping strokes, applied it onto my face as usual.

Oh wow!! I could not believe it - the pigmentation mark had virtually all disappeared in one application. I've been struggling with this for months and months and just using the gauze pads sped up the progress so much.

The reason for this, is that the pad is quite rough in texture without being harsh on your skin. This unique texture removes all the damaged dark and pigmented cells much more quickly and effectively.

You know how it is, pigmentation can really affect your confidence. You can cover it up of course and that's wonderful but at the end of the day you take your make-up off and you can see that horrible pigmentation and it just makes you feel really down.

So, discovering a way to supercharge the acceleration of removing uneven pigmentation for me is so exciting and I can't wait for you guys to try this. 


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