3 x BOTTLES  Liposomal Glutathione Skin Brightening Liquid

3 x BOTTLES Liposomal Glutathione Skin Brightening Liquid

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BULK BUY - 3 x BOTTLES OF So-Bright Liposomal Glutathione - Maximum Strength  - 100ml


 A Youthful Glow. Radiant Skin. A More Even Complexion. It's not just for celebrities! -  You can achieve this at home with a daily skin care regimen using So-Bright...

NEW LIPOSOMAL TECHNOLOGY - 30x more effective than standard pills or capsules


  • Lightens overall skin tone
  • Limits the overpigmentation process.
  • Decreases skin discolourations.
  • Corrects Sun Damage
  • Protects the skin

Of most conventional supplements, only a small part is ultimately taken up. We want to revolutionise the market of food supplements. Our solution: liposomes. The only efficient alternative to injection. Active ingredients are encapsulated in nanoscopically small liposomes and safely delivered through the digestive system. The absorption can thus be increased to up to 98%.

Glutathione is a vital and very powerful antioxidant, that helps to greatly improve the skin's complexion and radiance. Supported absorption is especially recommended since the positive effect of glutathione can be enhanced by the liposomal formulation. In essential physiological reactions glutathione serves as a regulator and key factor.

 So-Bright liposomal glutathione delivers glutathione right where it's needed.

Studies in  nutritional science confirm that liposomal encapsulation can lead to an up to a 30-fold increase in effectiveness. What is more, liposomal nutraceuticals can be taken orally, making their use easy and comfortable.

• highly bioavailable• fast acting• simple to take• natural nanotechnology

Product Description

In developing a skin care regimen, it helps to find a special and unique product that provides amazing results.  So-Bright has achieved just that. 

This is an advanced dietary food supplement formulated to help improve the skin’s appearance & radiance. Active ingredients are encapsulated in a lipid protective layer and safely delivered through the digestive system. The absorption can thus be increased to up to 98%. Smoothes and lightens the skin all-over. QUALITY ASSURANCE: This product has been Manufactured in the EU to GMP code of practise with high-quality certified ingredients. 

  • Vegan
  • Natural
  • Tasty lemon flavour
  • Lecithin from Sunflowers
  • 30x higher bioavailability
  • Lactose free
  • Soy free
  • Gluten free

Why are liposomal supplements so much more effective than standard supplements?

For practical reasons, most supplements are administered orally. This means that the vitamins, minerals or botanicals must first pass through the mouth and stomach to be absorbed. Unfortunately, unprotected substances are very often damaged in this way or can only partially be absorbed.
Liposomal formulations encapsulate the active ingredient in a liposome which passes through the mouth and stomach largely unharmed and can then be absorbed very well. Liposomes consist of lipid bilayers. Since cell membranes consist of lipid bilayers as well, liposomes are ideal carrier structures and easily taken up.

Storage / Handling:

- Keep the bottles sealed in a dry and darkened room (no direct sunlight) at room temperature (between 6° and 24°)

- The bottle needs to be stirred up / shaken before using, since agglomeration ofphospholipids could occur and sink to the bottom.

- After unsealing, keep bottles in the fridge, preferably in the top shelf to not let the product get too cold. Consume within 30 days after opening.

- Don’t let the bottle top be off for longer than 1 hour Consumption: Take 1 or 2 teaspoons per day

- ideally, 15 minutes prior to or after a meal. Do not take more than 10ml in one day. Do not add to hot drinks! Liposomes are easily destroyed at >60°C.

This product can be mixed with juice to improve the taste. This product is No substitute for a healthy lifestyle and balanced, varied diet.

Do NOT take if pregnant


*results vary from person to person

Ingredients per 10ml: Purified Water, Phospholipids (1,3 g), Glutathione (400 mg =**), Xylitol 12%, Lemon Flavour 2%, Acidifier: Ascorbic Acid Preservative: Natural Seabuckthorn-extract ** Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) not established 10 ml contain 400 mg Glutathione

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