Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by sun damage, scarring, acne, hormonal fluctuations, age spots, burns or other skin injuries. People with dark South European, Middle East, Asian, or African skin tones are also more prone to hyperpigmentation, especially if they have a lot more exposure to the sun.
In general, hyperpigmentation is caused by an excess production of melanin.

To help prevent these dark spots and protect your skin from the sun, sunscreen should always be applied.

  • Special Correcting Cream For Hyperpigmentation

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    Special Correcting Cream For Hyperpigmentation

    Special Correcting For Hyperpigmentation & Uneven Skin - 120mlFor Face & Body Professional face & body cream with proven brightening and regenerating ingredients. Use daily for a lighter, younger and more even looking skin. With sea...

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    Megafade Under Eye Brightening Gel For Dark Circles


    Megafade Under Eye Brightening Gel For Dark Circles

    Under Eye Brightener Gel For Dark Circles - 30ml For brightening and restoring the skin under and around the eyes. Introducing Megafade Under Eye Gel - Your Ultimate Solution to Banish Dark Circles! Are pesky dark circles robbing the natural radiance...

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    Kojic Acid Body Lightening Lotion

    Kojic Acid Body Lightening Lotion

    Kojic Acid Lightening Body Lotion - 500ml *Fades age spots & skin discolourations. Safe, natural & very effectiveEvens and lightens overall skin tone Lightening Body Lotion with the super active ingredients, Kojic Acid for skin...

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  • Hyperpigmentation Treatment Kit


    Hyperpigmentation Treatment Kit

    Hyperpigmentation Treatment Kit - 2 products. This special kit contains two premium products designed to work together to provide the best results possible to clear uneven skin discolourations and pigmentation marks. You should apply the cream first,...

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