Hyperpigmentation Explained

Posted by on on 4th Oct 2018

Your skin type and HyperpigmentationYour skin is as individual and unique as your personality, but keeping your skin looking and feeling at its best can be a bit of a challenge for some skin types. Hy … read more

Uneven Skin Tone - What Causes This and How Do You Treat It?

Posted by on on 31st Aug 2018

Uneven skin tone can be a real problem for any woman, as radiant, healthy facial skin is seen by many to be the epitome of beauty and youth. Of course, everybody wants to maintain a youthful appearanc … read more

The Awesome Benefits Of Turmeric For Your Skin

Posted by on on 29th Aug 2018

Hyperpigmentation occurs due to over production of melanin which results in an uneven skin complexion due to dark patches. Too much production of melanin is caused by many factors such as sun damage, … read more