How To Clear Dark Marks & Hyperpigmentation Effectively

How To Clear Dark Marks & Hyperpigmentation Effectively

Posted by on on 13th Aug 2020

If you’re looking to clear dark marks and areas of patchy skin, this video is for you. Follow these simple steps and you’ll get that glowing, even skin tone you’re looking for. 

To get the best results, you need to make sure you’re using our products in the most effective way possible. So before applying any product to your face, you need to do two things; cleanse thoroughly and apply an effective exfoliating solution. 

We recommend using a salicylic acid based product  such as Megafade Exfoliating Scrub. Just massage into the skin, in upward/outward strokes.Wait five minutes then rinse off.

Next apply an antioxidant treatment, such as our Intense Vitamin C Serum. This will speed up the whole process and boost your results. Dot this evenly onto your skin and massage it in. If you have any remaining product leftover, gently press this onto your skin. 

Once this has been absorbed, apply a dedicated skin lightening treatment to the areas of concern such as Megafade Cream fro face and neck. We recommend using a lightening serum first, using upward strokes, as serums penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. To get the best results, apply a lightening cream on top, as this will treat the upper layers of skin. You should repeat this once or twice a day. 

Then apply a quality moisturiser such as our Hyaluronic Acid serum and sun protection cream of SPF 30 or more all over your face. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun and this will help to maintain your results. 

Follow this complete routine twice a day until you get the results you’re looking for. Then it’s a case of maintaining them by completing this routine 2 or 3 times a week. 

Remember; exfoliating your skin regularly will mean you remove dead skin cells, allowing products to sink in better. This will give you great results and speed up the lightening process. If you have any questions or would like to buy any of these products, visit today.