​What To Do To Feel Better In Your Skin Before Your Summer Break

11th May 2018

With summer quickly rolling around, there are plenty of people currently thinking that they need to get ready for when summer finally arrives. Whether you’re looking for an all-important teeth whitening at a Finchley Dentist, or you might be considering spending a little bit more time in the gym to finally get that summer body that you want, there is plenty you can do to start feeling a little better before your holiday. No matter what it is that you are prioritising before your summer starts, here are a few things you can do to feel comfortable in your own unique skin.

Drink Lots of Water

Nothing can help you feel better than making sure that you are swapping the sugary drinks for a nice refreshing glass or bottle of water. Water can really help you get that boost you need by helping to increase your energy levels and what better way to start your workouts or recover from them than with a nice cold drink of water! Along with the energy, water also helps with weight loss. It fills up your stomach with something your body needs, while also helping you snack less while keeping your energy up regardless. Last but not least it helps to keep your skin fresh and helps fight spots and wrinkles helping you to obtain that natural glow you’ve always dreamed of.


While looks aren’t everything, it’s no secret that getting fit can leave us with higher self-esteem and a renewed self-confidence. You don’t need to pay out for an expensive gym membership, either. Instead, motivate yourself into taking the longer route when walking to work in the morning, or forget the elevator and use the stairs instead! Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lift weights and go on endless runs just to prepare yourself for summer – even small adjustments to your daily life you can make you’re daily routine better for your fitness. Turn simple tasks into an exercise; small things like walking on your tip toes upstairs will make your legs feel the difference, even walking to the shop and carrying the shopping back instead of taking the car will help your body get the work it needs to not only improve your health overall, but it will help you tone up for that ‘beach body.’


There’s nothing worse than feeling like your skin isn’t clean and clear. Exfoliating can not only make your skin look better, but it will make it feel better too. Getting all those horrid toxins out of your body and having fresh glowing skin will light up your appearance and can even help to prevent spots or acne. To get the most out of exfoliating you should try and do this twice a week or so, although even just once a week comes with its benefits. Natural exfoliators that come with grains that can help remove that unwanted dull skin for summer, while remaining friendly and kind to the environment too.

Just by following these three simple suggestions, you’ll find yourself chasing the sun with a renewed confidence you didn’t know you could have. It’s the simple everyday task such as drinking water and making a workout of your day’s tasks that will make you feel and see the benefits. Always look to challenge yourself and maintain a healthy diet where you can - swap those sugars for water and take your make up off for a while and let your skin breath. Feel comfortable in your skin this summer and enjoy yourself without the worry.