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Useful skin correcting tips and ideas!


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Having an uneven skin tone is one of the top skin concerns of men and women these days, but we actually have a powerful method to instantly fight against this...exfoliate! One of the main benefits of exfoliating is that it helps rub away old, dull skin as well as those layers of dead skin cells which will immediately reveal your bright, new skin that’s hiding underneath.
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Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Using skin correcting and skin lightening products can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun, so we recommend always using a sun protection cream or products that contain UV filters such as the Ava White Cream

Applying sun protection will also help speed up the lightening process and prevent your skin from going darker. It will be protected from sun damage resulting in a more even skin tone.



I get asked a lot of questions on the best way to use our products to clear those dark marks and areas of patchy skin, and achieve that glowing, even skin tone.

So I'd like to explain some steps to take that will really help you get the best results from our all our products and ensure that you are using them in the correct and most effective way.

1. To begin with, you must thoroughly cleanse your face, then apply an effective exfoliating solution such as the salicylic acid by Supaskin. Put a few drops onto a cotton pad and sweep over the face in upward outward strokes.

2. The next step would be to apply an antioxidant treatment such as our Intense vitamin C Serum. This will speed up the whole process and boost results. Dot this onto your skin evenly and massage well, using upward strokes, then gently press any remaining product onto your skin.

3. Then, you should apply a dedicated pigment correcting treatment to the dark, patchy areas of concern. We recommend using a serum first as serums penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. For optimum results apply a correcting cream on top. Creams treat the upper layers of skin so doing both will give optimum results. The cream can be applied on top of the serum, once a day or twice a day.

We strongly suggest that you apply the serum to your skin in an upward motion gently press any remaining product onto the skin.

Dot the cream onto your skin or affected area only and massage in an outwards and upwards direction.

4. After the pigment correcting treatment has been applied and absorbed into the skin, you should then follow this by applying a quality moisturiser all over.

5. Finally, you really should apply a sun protection cream of SPF 30 or more as your skin will be more sensitive the sun and this will also help maintain the results.

For best results follow this complete routine day twice a day until the desired results have been achieved. Then use 2 to 3 times a week for maintenance.

Remember! - Exfoliate your skin regularly so that you remove the dead skin cells and reveal the new lighter skin underneath. Products will sink in more easily to give a better result and it will speed up the lightening process.