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Lightening Soaps

Special Skin Lightening Soaps
Formulated to lighten your skin and to help fade dark marks for a more even skin tone.

  • Papaya Skin Lightening Soap with Arbutin

    Papaya Skin Lightening Soap With Arbutin 100g Papaya Herbal Lightening Soap: This herbal luminous papaya triple lightening soap utilizes all the 3 enzymes from papaya, resulting to a fairer and more radiant skin. It's triple lightening formula and...

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  • Skin Lightening Soap With Bearberry

    Daggett & Ramsdell Skin Lightening Soap - 100g This effective skin lightening soap is designed to help gently reduce the appearance of pigmented marks and discolourations on the skin. Formulated with natural bearberry extract, this skin care,...

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