What Is Oxidative Stress?

Posted by on on 20th Oct 2016

Oxidative stress is where unstable electrons in molecules (free radicals) attack healthy skin cells which changes their composition. These free radicals can occur due to general air pollution, oxygen and UV light exposure. This is called "oxidative stress".

This oxidative stress damages the outer layers of your skin and destroys your skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in roughness, wrinkles, dark marks and brown spots. Using a potent antioxidant serum or cream, or taking a dedicated food supplement that is high in antioxidants, can really lessen this oxidative damage.

One of the major benefits of preventing oxidation of your skin and reduce damaging free radical activity is to apply everyday, a safe and effective antioxidant serum to the face such as Youth Activator Vitamin C Serum. If you’ve never used a Vitamin C product before, give it a go, you should see a huge improvement to the look and feel of your skin.

Applying a vitamin C serum to your skin effectively prevents your skin from turning dark and patchy. It can fade and prevent dark spots thanks to it's melanin suppressing properties, revealing a brighter, smoother and more radiant even skin tone.